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We want to contribute to children's learning and development for a sustainable society!


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  • We are Minilobes!

    We are Minilobes!

    We want in different ways inspire to children´s learning. In our website you´re able to find information about us, what we do and our games. You can find inspiration for parents and teachers. We want all children to have the same possibilities for learning, therefore all of our productions are free for children and parents. Follow us on instagram, facebook and youtube to take part of news, book tip, development of games and contests!

  • Book tip!

    Book tip!

    We want children and parents to read more together. You can read more about reading, language development and how you and your child can read together under the tag parent. For book tip and inspiration for reading follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

  • New Game!

    New Game!

    We are creating a new game, Räknetornet 2. Follow the development on instagram and facebook!